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No lowest 99% left educated

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This is why we see all these 'Only in America' stores:

Principal Ed Kovochich is a veteran in the Milwaukee Public Schools, and the principal of Bradley Tech, a technology and trade high school. He's long been an advocate of a cell phone ban.

And recently, students at the school have used cell phones to call in reinforcements during fights.

The entire story off NPR's All Things Considered can be listened to at their website

And this is the response I sent in, and if they have any sense, they will air it.

I find it amazing that Principal Ed Kovochich has resorted to such extreme measures.

I have garnered a very good impression of the American school system through this story, and combined with all the 'Only In American Schools' stories that hit the blog sites on the Internet, perhaps Kovochich should look closer to home.

Even the worst public schools here in Australia have dealt with mobile (thats cell to you) phones gracefully, usually by giving the students hell if they ring in class. Nobody gets hurt. No teachers go on rampages. No one cheats on exams.

Yet, Mr Kovochich here fingers them as contributing to an unrelated problem.

Amazing. Stupid.

If your students have a habit of getting into brawls, its the fault of you Mr Principal for failing to encourage them not to, the fault of the local cops to remove the drugs in the first place, and the fault of the parents for not teaching their children better.

I'm sure that there are other institutions in the U.S that can counter extremities like these. For the benefit of your international listeners, like me, please, put them on. 

Might I also add that us Aussie's own American's in math?

Look at OECD Education Indicator A4.

Gee, Steven Colbert may as well continue his characters crusade against books.  

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