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Strange things about autism. Part eins.

cultureTue 19 Feb 2008 10:00:19No comments

Autism comes with a variety of effects. On one end are those with major difficulties communicating (unable to speak etc., extreme sensory overload), on the other there are those with intense interests and interesting quirks, like me.

But the above classification system can be rubbish. Meet Carly, a 13 year old girl, unable to speak, but able to show emotional and language development hidden inside. With a keyboard.

I'm even jealous.

I like to beat my brother at connect four nits so funny because he tries so hard
I'm incapable of playing even the most basic strategy game, but she can beat people??!!!

Nightwish at the Palais

cultureTue 05 Feb 2008 12:37:11No comments

Nightwish came and went. Anette, the new singer was great. Next time I should probably listen to the album first instead of saving it for a live event.

I did take some photos but they weren't too good (I failed photography 101: zoom vs aperture), but a video below by a kind Youtuber shows the awesomness

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