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Funambol is a dual-licensed (open and closed source) implementation of the OMA Device Sync (SyncML) server and client. I have been involved in intergrating Funambol with open source groupware servers such as Citadel

Groupware sync server, incorporating:
  • Funambol GroupDAV connector
  • Funambol Citadel connector
  • WebConfig administration interface
  • and other goodies (BMClickatell SMS push, DAV authentication officer)

XPERIA X1 Mobile Linux/Android Project

(No longer maintained by me, historical archives only)
Also see the xperia blog tag for related posts

Microcontroller/Embedded Electronics

More information coming soon.

Funambol code sniper projects

  • Google Docs Connector(Source code link dead, will be reposted soon)


Citadel is an open source groupware system with roots back in the BBS era.
  • Contributed various enhancements to the web interface - Webcit, including the AJAX-ified mail folder view
  • Contributed Funambol push email interface

Other stuff

Welcome to my site

Mathew McBride, telecoms hardware access engineer, programmer, gamer and all round nerd

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